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The goal of estate planning documents is to avoid the time, cost, and personal toll that litigation takes. However, for better or worse, litigation is the cornerstone of our legal system. Only through litigation is it possible to fully assert your rights or defend yourself against others’ attacks. Just because something appears in a trust or a will does not mean that it is irrefutable. And, just because someone is threatening to sue does not mean that you must disregard the expressed wishes of the deceased. In all of these scenarios, litigation may be your best, or only, option. In such situations, the attorneys at Eberts and Brockway have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to work with you toward your best resolution.

Eberts and Brockway

Eberts and Brockway is a family firm with deep roots throughout all of Northern California. They understand that family dynamics can be difficult to navigate. Differences between generations, siblings, in-laws, and blended families can lead to all manner of misunderstandings and disputes. Eberts and Brockway believe that, once emotions have calmed, it is actually very rare that the time, cost, and emotional toil of litigation are necessary to achieve their clients’ best interest. So, they will only recommend and pursue litigation after all of the other options at their disposal have been exhausted. However, if litigation is unavoidable, the seasoned attorneys at Eberts and Brockway are experienced in, and uniquely suited to, advocating for their clients in the courtroom.

Eberts and Brockway Represent Heirs

If you are an heir, like the son, daughter, or spouse, of someone who has recently passed away, you may not be getting the share of the estate to which you think you are entitled. Usually, while this is unfortunate, it is simply the wish of the deceased that, for whatever reason, you get less. However, sometimes this is due to others exerting improper influence on your mother, father, or spouse. If you think you are not getting the share to which you think you are entitled, you should call the trust and estate litigation attorneys at Eberts and Brockway.

Eberts and Brockway Represent Beneficiaries

The trustee of a trust owes the highest fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries of the trust. And, the beneficiaries have a right to know what is going on with the trust. If you are a beneficiary of a trust and are not content with the actions of the trustee, you should call the trust and estate litigation attorneys at Eberts and Brockway.

Eberts and Brockway Represent Estates and Executors

As an estate moves through Probate Court, sometimes litigation is threatened or commenced. And, often the issues or the litigation includes issues outside the Probate Code and subject to laws generally tried in the Civil Courts. If that happens, the executor needs attorneys familiar with both Probate Court and Civil Court to fully address all outstanding issues. The attorneys at Eberts and Brockway have the experience necessary, in both Probate Court and Civil Court, to comprehensively represent an estate and executor in all phases and venues of litigation.

Eberts and Brockway Represent Trusts and Trustees

During trust administration, beneficiaries or others may threaten to sue the trustee. Sometimes, these may just be threats. Sometimes a suit may occur in Probate Court. Sometimes a suit may occur in Civil Court. But no matter what, as soon as a problem arises or litigation is threatened, the trustee needs to seek good legal counsel. The trust and estate litigation attorneys at Eberts and Brockway stand ready to provide much needed counsel and, if necessary, advocacy.

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