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Trust and Probate Attorneys

Distribution of a family estate of any size requires careful handling to avoid family contention and to ensure that the wishes of the decedent are followed. The Sonoma County trust administration attorneys at Eberts and Brockway have helped numerous clients with estate administration and other matters, using our strong base of knowledge about estate law and procedures. When a trust needs administration or a will goes through Probate, the law firm of Eberts and Brockway is ready to lend legal assistance to trustees and executors. This family-owned Santa Rosa, California law firm understands family dynamics and the importance of protecting valuable family assets and property.

Eberts and Brockway

Attorneys Ann M. Eberts, Giuliana V. Brockway, and Adam P. Eberts have a long history of helping clients manage their estate affairs. Their efforts at Eberts and Brockway have helped many Santa Rosa, California clients achieve their long-term planning goals while protecting important assets and property.

Sonoma County Estate Administration Lawyers

Estate administration is often an activity under Probate Court scrutiny, which is why administrators turn to Ebert and Brockway, Sonoma County Estate Administration Lawyers, for advice and legal representation. Beneficiaries and others also seek our strong legal representation to represent their interests in an estate proceeding. Our attorneys are willing to fight hard to protect your family’s rights and to give meticulous attention to details that matter to your family.

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Get legal representation from Sonoma County Estate Administration Attorneys who care about their clients and who want to see families get the proper distribution of assets and property as designated in estate planning documents. Call the law office of Eberts and Brockway now at 707-623-1316 for experienced estate administration consultation, advice, and representation.